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Saturday, November 10, 2007

About the Laff Shack and Project Direct

hey guys!

have you seen cinemafreaks Project Direct submission? its the vid called The Comeback and it was made for the project direct contest on youtube. heres info about the contest:

so The Comeback is cinemafreaks short film submission! it is NOT a dylan's couch episode or even about me, although i'm in it. i play a kid named sean who is the son of an alcoholic comedian. here it is:

one more thing -

the laff shack isnt real - its all just part of the story. if u came here looking for info, sorry! that message at the end was just to make the story in The Comeback all the more real!
hope u liked the film!!! 8)


Friday, August 17, 2007

what happened to iTunes???


a lot of people have asked me what happened to my iTunes feed. all the episodes are on there up to #12, but i never put the others on.

well, i'm tryin!!! recently i started making my vid files bigger so they would look better. also, iTunes asked for a bigger file so that the vids would look good on Apple TV. (ooooohhh!!!) so now i'm having a little bit of "technical difficulty" uploading the bigger files to iTunes - but i will succeed!!! hang in there!!!


Monday, June 18, 2007

Wow! 12000! Thanx!!!!!!

today the cinemafreaks channel reached 12000 subs and u know why???

because u guys are so AWESOME!!!!!!!!! i am really lucky to be a part of this.

THANX to all 12000 of u!!!!!


Thursday, May 31, 2007

YouTube Sketchies Entry!

what???? a video from dylan where he's not sitting on (or talking about) his couch! say it isn't so!!!!!!

yes. it finally happened. i got up and moved around and even talked to other people in a video for the youtube sketchies contest -- its uploading rite now! -- so as soon as it's up i will paste it here.

it couldn't have happened without the help of my new band The Sledge Experience (formerly known as Scarlet Conclusion.) thanx blake, aj and sledge (also known as nalts.)

seriously tho, if u r not familiar with youtube user "nalts"
u MUST check out his stuff. he is hilarious! this vid would not have come together without him!!!!!

oh and yea - it is a contest... so... when the time comes... VOTE!!!!!


Monday, April 30, 2007

charlie's couch???

hi -

a lot of people ask me what i think about people who copy my show. well, check out this vid to get an idea of how i handle copyright infringers...

nalts - u will be hearing from my lawyer!

check out www.youtube.com/profile?user=nalts for more craziness!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

more info about mybowlad.com!

hey here's another vid about mybowlad.com that u need to check out! 8)
please watch it, rate it and comment!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

hey you can be in the superbowl ad 2!

if u thought it sounded cool that i was going to be in a superbowl ad, guess what? u could be in it 2! i know ur thinking that's crazy talk, but all the info u need is right here:

go to that link and make a response vid to enter the mybowlad.com contest, and u might be going to hollywood with me!

and don't forget to check out www.mybowlad.com


Saturday, April 7, 2007

thanx everyone! 8)

hey i just wanted to let u guys know that u guys r the best fans ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so thankful for all of the people that watch my show. i get tons of emails and i try to answer as many as possible but sometimes i might miss a few. sorry! but i do think u guys r the best and i love all the comments and messages i receive on this blog, on youtube, on myspace.com/dylanscouch, and at dylanscouch@gmail.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u guys rock!
ttyl 8)

Friday, April 6, 2007

i'm gunna be in a Super Bowl ad!

hey everyone! i just wanted to let u know that i am gunna be in a Super Bowl commercial! if u or anyone u know has a company that would like to get their company's name in the ad, go to mybowlad.com! ok i'll talk to u guys later! 8)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

check out podcastsalad!


if u wanna check out a cool video podcast about cool video podcasts 8) u should check out: www.podcastsalad.com

they featured me on their most recent episode, and there's a lot of other cool stuff on there. one of the other podcasts they talked about was called macmost and i thought it looked pretty cool, since i work on a mac. macmost gives tips about getting the most out of your... um, mac. another cool podcast they featured shows vintage cartoons! so, yeah, they were all good - a guy named josh on a caffeine rush, a funny guy talking about what's not funny, and, well, me. podcastsalad also has a mega-directory of podcasts. so yeah, check them out.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i was on the radio!


i wanna thank billy moses at wjpm in los angeles for having me on his radio show today. it was cool to talk to you billy! (i guess i should've put this post up BEFORE i did the interview... duh!)

anyway, one of billy's questions for me was what my favorite YouTube vid is, and i had to really think because there are a lot of good ones (like that Whatever song, My Hands are Bananas, any music vid on the MCR channel...) but if i had to pick one it would be the Ask A Ninja episode about the number 3. i love that vid. i watch it all the time and it's still hilarious! (hilarious... hilarious.)


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

stuff about school


sorry - i've been kinda busy and i haven't posted for a couple of days. it's the end of the marking period at school, so the teachers are piling the work on!

my classes are:
social studies

my favorite class is probably social studies, because i really like history (except for when i have to do a project with Derek - lol.)
anyway, thanx for checking out my blog and for watching dylan's couch! 8)


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Behind the scenes of episode ten...


as u know, there's a new episode - episode ten - the pet psychic. here's some random info about that episode:

i really did take my dog to a pet psychic! i don't really believe in that kinda thing but i did it because i thought it would be funny. she really was set up at a pet food store and i really did think she was gonna tell us to buy a lot of stuff for the dog.

most of the character of Luna LeBlanc is based on the real pet psychic i met. she really did close her eyes and giggle about the "message" she was getting from my dog.

one thing the real pet psychic told me that didn't get into the episode is that my dog thinks that he and i look alike. so now u know what my dog looks like - he looks like me!

episode ten was shot on two different days. we started one night but we couldn't finish. part of the reason we had to stop was that i had been poked in the eye by a tree branch that i couldn't see and it was getting really teary and red. if u look at the shots in the beginning of the episode u might be able to see that my left eye is red.

the blooper happened because i had the doggy treat in my hand and i was just trying to see what it smelled like. that wasn't suppose to be in there. but it gave us the idea to have me sniffing it and have the ending line come in like i got caught smelling the doggy treat. (the same thing happened when i was sniffing the sparkler in episode eight - that was not planned!) so u can hear the person working the camera telling me to hold the treat a certain way so u can tell what it is, and that's the part u see at the beginning of the blooper, but the thing with my voice cracking was a complete accident!


Monday, March 12, 2007

hi this is dylan and this is my new blog.

i'm gonna try to post info here about my show "Dylan's Couch," about my life, my friends, my family - anything that's goin on that u might find interesting! 8)

for this first one, i thought i would cover some questions that a lot of people ask me.

1.) how did u come up with the idea for Dylan's Couch?
i was a big fan of YouTube last summer (2006), and i have a friend who is a filmmaker and she was really into YT, too, so we were talking about what would make a good project. i was always telling stories about me and my friends, and i kinda wanted to do a show about that, and she said that she could help me make it as professional as possible. so that's how it started. my life provides most of the ideas, and we write it together and we edit it together. so that's how it happens.

2.) are the stories true or made up?
they are made up, but they are all based on something that really happened, either to me or to someone i know.

3.) is "the manual" real, and if it is, how can i find it?
yes, it's real! i really did find it on the web and think it was hilarious! wikipedia has taken it down but it's still in their archive. u can see it here:

4.) why do u always say "hilarious... hilarious... hilarious..."?
i actually say "it was hilarious" all the time. it's kinda my personal saying. 8)

5.) why do u repeat words a lot, like "naked... naked... naked!"
it actually started out that we had three versions of that line on tape, and we were comparing them to see which was the best, so we put them all together and instead of choosing one we kept them all! now we do that all the time because it's kinda something unique and it fits certain parts of the stories.

so that's my first entry! hope you liked it! 8)