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Thursday, May 31, 2007

YouTube Sketchies Entry!

what???? a video from dylan where he's not sitting on (or talking about) his couch! say it isn't so!!!!!!

yes. it finally happened. i got up and moved around and even talked to other people in a video for the youtube sketchies contest -- its uploading rite now! -- so as soon as it's up i will paste it here.

it couldn't have happened without the help of my new band The Sledge Experience (formerly known as Scarlet Conclusion.) thanx blake, aj and sledge (also known as nalts.)

seriously tho, if u r not familiar with youtube user "nalts"
u MUST check out his stuff. he is hilarious! this vid would not have come together without him!!!!!

oh and yea - it is a contest... so... when the time comes... VOTE!!!!!