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Friday, June 20, 2008

oreos and milk. 'nuf said.

hey guys

so i made this vid about oreos and milk for the Oreo Moments contest. its episode 21 of Dylan's Couch, but since it was made for the contest it doesn't have the theme song or a blooper, since the contest had a limit of 3 minutes. it was fun to make that vid, especially since i messed up a few times and had to do the part where i eat the cookie over and over! mmmmm... oroes and milk are the greatest. on the comments to that video a lot of people said that they LOVED oreos with milk, but some people said they've never had oreos and milk together! WHAT?!? so sad! at least now they can try it and find out what they've been missing!

so its a contest, right... so if you go over to this page:


please VOTE for my vid. all ya gotta do is click the little "thumbs up" by my video. i think you can vote once a day until the contest ends. 8)

so yea - i gotta go eat some oreos



Ali said...

Hey it's Ali and Brittany, we are 2 of your BIGGEST fans. We LOVE your show and we've watched every one. You NEED to make more!!! YOU ROCK adn are HILARIOUS!!!! p.s. visit my blog and leave a coment www.alimo18rocks.blogspot.com

- Ali - and Brittany

Britty said...

in the comment im brittany. U R AWESOME!!!! i lov all ur shows they r so cool plz dont go on my blog i havent been on it in a while so i have no idea wats on it. thanx fer understanding. BTW... u r hilarious...hilarious...HILARIOUS!!!